Catalyst 9.1 Does Not Like glGetString(GL_VERSION)!

Catalyst graphics driver

It’s stronger than me, I couldn’t resist to see why FurMark 1.6.0 and GPU Cap Viewer 1.7.0 crash with Catalyst 9.1… I believe I found the reason: when an OpenGL 3.0 rendering context is used, the function glGetString(GL_VERSION) crashes. With an OpenGL 2.1 context, glGetString(GL_VERSION) is all right. Seems that the developers of ATI driver team have changed something (the version number – 3.0…) and now this function is… explosive!

GPU Caps Viewer / Catalyst 9.1
A patched version of GPU Caps Viewer

I will release a patched version of FurMark tomorrow. 3D graphics programming is a wild world!

A Geeks3D reader has just posted a comment (thank you martinsm!) with the same bug. C’mon ATI, how a so simple function could be broken? What a pity to have such a powerful graphics cards (Radeon HD 4000) with dodgy OpenGL drivers…

To speak a bit more seriously, I know a graphics driver is an enormous piece of code to maintain and update. So ATI, if you need one beta-tester in more, I’m your man!

And before I forget, all applications that use GLEW or GLEE with an OGL 3 ctx, should be patched too, because both libraries use glGetString(GL_VERSION) in their init function…

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