Fastest GPGPU Hacking Tool: ElcomSoft Wireless Security Auditor

ElcomSoft WAS

ElcomSoft Wireless Security Auditor (or WSA) is an application to audit wireless network security by testing the protection of WPA/WPA2 passwords. ElcomSoft WSA uses the GPU to speed up the processing and is able to run on both NVIDIA (GeForce 8 and higher) and ATI (Radeon HD 2k and higher) graphics cards. ElcomSoft has developed its own GPU accelerated algorithm that does not use CUDA or ATI Stream. I think they exploit GPGPU principles and have coded their cracking engine using OpenGL (or Direct3D) and a lot of textures to store all data.

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  1. crack1110

    oooooooook , what next, hacking a bank with a GPU?, no wait there was a tutorial on it a while a go, just use google lol

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