ASUS GeForce GTX 295 Temperature With FurMark

ASUSA GeForce GTX 295

GeForce GTX 295 Temperature With FurMark

Chaps at VR-Zone have tested ASUS’s GeForce GTX 295 and have used FurMark to overheat the graphics card and from their tests, NVIDIA has done a good job with the heatsink, and the results of the 55nm dieshrink are also evident.

We ran FurMark’s stability testing mode for half an hour to measure load temperatures, after which we allowed the system to idle in desktop for another half an hour before measuring idle temperatures. Note that load temperatures obtain with FurMark are significantly higher than what would be seen under real-world loads.

I think ASUS’s product deserves FurMark certification 😉

FurMark Approved

3 thoughts on “ASUS GeForce GTX 295 Temperature With FurMark”

  1. Anonymous

    Holy crap! My Galaxy 9800 GT w/o OC and stock cooling reaches up to 104 degrees only after 2 minutes of Furmark! (its on 100% as well!) That’s insane.

  2. Andy

    Thanks this has stopped me worrying a lot, ive been running 2 gtx295 and thought they were hot at 48C so have been buying new fans trying to cool them down, Glad to know its normal for them to run at really high temperatures, thats a relief Cheers

  3. Danny Boy

    those numbers for the GTX 295 dont look right to me for Furmark, my EVGA GTX 295 which is exactly the same as the ASUS one but with different stickers gets up to 94 degrees C with the fan on 100%. If i use AUTO fan letting the driver decide it gets up to 110 degrees C.

    The temps you have listed for the GTX 295 are more typical of the 285.

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