ATI Catalyst And Multithreading Support

ATI Catalyst video driver

According to this news, the version 9.1 (internal version: 8.561.3) of the
Catalyst graphics drivers should be multithreaded or bring multithreaded support to some applications. In some Direct3D 10 games like Crysis, this will bring up to 9% (on a dual core CPU) or 22% (on a quad core CPU).

Direct3D 9 and 10 are single threaded APIs by nature. So such a boost in performance on a quad core CPU is a very good news because that means
that ATI is ready or is capable to release a nice multithreaded video driver for Direct3D 11. Keep in mind that Direct3D 11 is targeted at to be a multithreaded graphics API.

ATI also just released a hotfix for Catalyst 8.12 that improves DirectX10 performance in various applications in multi-core CPU systems. This hotfix is for Windows Vista only.

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