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This week: Cooler Master, ATCS 840, Antec VERIS, Microsoft, Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 XSA-00001, ECS X58B-A, CoolIT

Legit Reviews:

  • CoolIT Systems Domino A.L.C. Water Cooler Review
    CoolIT Systems noticed that well built water cooler was missing from the sub $80 market and went back to a drawing board to see if something could be designed that had the cooling performance that enthusiasts demand and a price tag that won’t break the bank during these troubled economic times. After many long hours and a year in the test lab CoolIT Systems came up with the Domino A.L.C. Read on to see how this cooler performs on an Intel Core i7 platform!
  • ECS X58B-A Black Edition Motherboard Review
    The Black Series X58B-A “Nehalem” Motherboard with LGA1366 socket support for Intel’s all-new “Core-i7” processors is currently the flagship motherboard for ECS Elitegroup. With the Intel X58 Express chipset handling the North Bridge duties and the Intel Intel ICH10R South Bridge handling the rest of the board you know this will be a sound and stable platform. Read on to see how the ECS X58B-A motherboard does on the benchmarks and to see it overclocks.
  • Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review
    The Cooler Master ATCS 840 case is one of the newest available from Cooler Master for enthusiasts. The aluminum construction not only allows for a lighter weight but complements the thermal design seamlessly with three 230mm fans, dedicated air duct for graphics card cooling and HDD cooling module for superb cooling. Take a look at the article and see if this full tower case and see if your wish list of features was fulfilled!
  • Antec VERIS A/V Cooler Review

Benchmark Reviews:

  • Year In Review: 2008 Computer Hardware Industry Failure
    Every technology starts with a motivation, and throughout the past year Benchmark Reviews has watched the computer hardware industry follow trends that seem all too familiar of yesteryear. In this article by Executive Editor Olin Coles, the past 2008 calendar year is summarized for it’s accomplishments, but the real focus is on the coming year ahead. Will 2009 be the year that component computer hardware becomes important again, or will it be relegated to a niche hobby for enthusiast?
  • Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 XSA-00001