Huge NVIDIA ForceWare Graphics Drivers Comparision Database – English Version!

NVIDIA ForceWare

The author of the article about NVIDIA ForceWare: All Graphics Drivers from 175.16 to 181.00 Compared (this world is crazy!) sent me additional information but this time in english:

Good news, all you 3D geeks and freaks! A bunch of hardworking guys started a titanic project, which intends to compare video drivers not only in 3D benchmarks and games but in features and specifications too. So, basically, you have THE place for comparing and choosing drivers (the new ones launched are very fast tested and the database is updated). A small fragment of the english version of the article (the romanian version is available too, so watch out “băieţi”):

Windows XP SP3, 32 bit

The first table only contains the results of the tests (in points for 3DMark and frames per second for Crysis games), while the second one contains additional information about the driver, as well as the models officially supported in the *.inf (information useful for those who use the results for choosing desktop cards drivers, which have official support and thus, Blu-Ray and WHQL certification active), besides other information like the support for physics (PhysX), CUDA, the folding client for the GPU…and so on. Enjoy!

And from what I have understood, they are finishing the VISTA x86 version of the test as we speak, so if it’s not done yet… it will sure be in about a few days, so stay close and… be nice 3D geeks!

Thank you CQ for this clarification!

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