Free Online Book: “Programming Vertex, Geometry and Pixel Shaders”

Programming Vertex, Geometry and Pixel Shaders

This a very nice Xmas gift for computer graphics developers: a free online book about vertex, geometry and pixel shaders programming in Direct3D 9 and 10.
This book covers the following topics:

  • environmental effects (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Single Pass Environment Mapping, Dynamic Particle Systems).
  • lighting (Foundation and theory, Direct Light Sources, Techniques For Dynamic Per-Pixel Lighting, Phong and Blinn-Phong, Cook-Torrance, Oren-Nayar, Strauss, Ward, Ashikhmin-Shirley)
  • shadows (Shadow Volumes, Shadow Maps, Ray-traced Shadows)
  • level of detail techniques (Managing Level of Detail, Dynamic Patch Tessellation)
  • procedural synthesis (procedural textures)
  • post processing (Color Filters, High-Dynamic Range Rendering, Light Streaks, Depth of Field, Motion Blur)

Really cool!

Warning: wiki section seems to have some problem… yesterday I could see the book but now it’s another story… Too success???