FRAPS 2.9.7 Released with FluidMark BugFix!

FRAPS 2.9.7

A new version of FRAPS is available. Fraps is a Windows application that allows to benchmark and screen-capture (image or video) Direct3D or OpenGL applications.

Here is the changelog of this new release:

  • Fixed 64-bit applications crashing soon after loading
  • Fixed low quality sound recording with Left 4 Dead under Windows XP
  • Fixed graphic corruption in X-Plane (and other OpenGL titles)
  • Fixed crash when recording a DirectX 9 game and changing resolution
  • Fixed Fraps not detecting games after being run at Windows startup
  • Fixed hotkeys not responding when Alt held down
  • Fixed monitoring of Vista DWM after a full-screen application has exited
  • Fixed Fluidmark displaying a blank screen with Fraps loaded
  • Fixed FS9 crashing when menu activated while recording
  • Fixed DWMAPI error on some Windows XP installs
  • Improved recording speed of DirectX9 games in Vista SP1 and SP2 beta
  • Added warning if no sound recording device found under Windows 2000 or XP

I contacted FRAPS author about FluidMark‘s bugfix. Wait and see…

By the way, I will release an update of FluidMark after the upcoming FurMark. Stay tuned!