BoneLab: 3D Skeletal Anatomy in OpenGL!


BoneLab is a next generation teaching and learning tool for medical field (professionals, students and hobbyists).
It offers a 3D view of the human skeleton. It’s free so don’t be afraid to test it.You can pick a bone and get information about it.

Nice utility BUT the developers should learn how to use some modern techniques to speed up the 3D rendering – I give you a simple tip: VBO 😉 Though it’s a rather old technique, VBO seems not to be widely used: some famous 3d engines like Irrlicht have jsut added VBO support…



5 thoughts on “BoneLab: 3D Skeletal Anatomy in OpenGL!”

  1. A Student

    This is a pretty good 3D sim, but I must disagree with M. Grotey’s remark, since this is not better than a real skeleton. Of course, you don’t have the search option on a real skeleton, but I did find a few things missing in the Demo, such as the “Os Palatinum”. And the fingers are too smooth, the edges are not done correctly, so there is no way of identifying which is which, in the case of the metacarpale bones.

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