ATI Stream KernelAnalyzer to Optimize Stream Kernels on Radeon and FireStream

ATI Stream kernel analyser

ATI’s Stream KernelAnalyzer (or SKA) is an utility for analyzing the performance of stream kernels on Radeon and FireStream graphics cards.

Cool… but what are stream kernels?

A stream kernel is the same thing than NVIDIA CUDA kernel: a function that processes data and is executed in parallel by all GPU threads or stream processors. In a word, if you’re doing GPGPU programming with the ATI Stream SDK, this is an useful tool to improve the speed of your kernels.

More information and download: Stream KernelAnalyzer

5 thoughts on “ATI Stream KernelAnalyzer to Optimize Stream Kernels on Radeon and FireStream”

  1. saew

    Good, but I think to use CUDA or the Stream SDK is a non-sense with OpenCL coming soon.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Yes, you’re right, but this will be true when OpenCL will be stable and well documented. CUDA is mature and comes with a stack of docs and tutorials. I don’t know yet about ATI Stream documentation.

  3. saew

    CUDA is mature
    Well, that’s very relative. A thing with a year of life cannot be “mature” really.
    In fact it has several bugs and problems not yet solved… and the profiler is a complete mess…

    And don’t forget Direct3D 11 and its Compute Shaders
    Well, I just don’t consider non-portable solutions. I also prefer to stay away from propietary technologies like DX11 or CUDA. Standarization is all ! And DX11 gonna require Vista or W7… while OpenCL runs on WinXP, linux, Solaris, OpenSolaris, MacOSX, etc…

    The choice is clear for me: why are you going to be limited by a OS or a specific graphics card when you can expand your program to other OS or hardware easily without effort?

  4. Aaron

    MAybe someone should let ATI know about this then perhaps they could use it on their crappy AVivo encoder to get it to work right damn thing’s a sham it uses no GPU what so ever during the encode process

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