7 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge PhysX Effects Comparison”

  1. Michael Mattsson

    wow. lots of lag from the PhysX render. Just goes to show that physics calcs on a GPU aren’t for free.

  2. rocco

    lol in all two videos there is a lag at the same time…..what have you see bro???!?!?!?

  3. Envy

    It’s not lag … Video is slowed down to better show the effects …

  4. Zaladen

    “Actual gameplay slowed down to illustrate PhysX effects” står det ju längst ner.. Kolla upp lite benchmarks, spelet körs hur bra som helst..

  5. Aimebob

    even High-end cards like 280GTX encounter difficulties in emulating PhysX, check the frame when Physx is activated to figure it out 🙂

  6. White Hawk

    Having studied this video quite closely, I can confirm that the framerate (even taking into account the mutually-applied slow-down ‘for effect’) is lower in the physx demonstration. This is to be expected when shunting physics calculations to the GPU. It is more important to consider the loss of frame rate as compared to CPU-based physics processing – this video does not address this.

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