Smoke: Intel Game Tech-Demo to Show Off the Power of Multi-Cores CPUs

Smoke: Intel tech demo

Intel has released a tech demo that shows how to efficiently use the multi-cores CPUs to build a parallel game engine. This tech-demo uses Intel Threading Building Blocks for CPU threads management, OGRE for 3D rendering, Havok for physics simulation and FMOD for the sound.

Maybe I missed something or forget to check a graphics option, but the rendering is not worthy of modern graphics cards. On my Core 2 Duo 8400, the demo ran at around 11 FPS. On a 8-cores CPU, this Intel video shows a demo smoothly running at around 60 FPS

Link: Smoke – Game Technology Demo.

3 thoughts on “Smoke: Intel Game Tech-Demo to Show Off the Power of Multi-Cores CPUs”

  1. Duane

    E8500 @ 3.16ghz gets 19fps on average here, not that it should matter too much but gfx is 4850. My mighty Celeron D330 @ 2.6ghz and nv6200 gets 1fps.

  2. Orion

    Hey all,

    I’m one of the developers that worked on Smoke. The demo was built with multicore in mind. You will see significantly better performance with more cores (with more threads). Intel’s Core i7 can run 8 threads at the same time and will therefore have better performance. The demo was also built to use a fairly good GPU (we wanted to make good use of the GPU and the CPU!)

    All of the srouce code is available at the given link. Please feel free to download it and see how it all works. I’d love to hear what people are doing with Smoke.

    If anyone is working on Smoke or has more comment… please post on the Intel forums too ( It’s easier for me to track them over at Intel’s forums.

    Thanks all,

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