FurMark: How to Enable CrossFire Support

FurMark - OpenGL benchmark

I recently received an information from a FurMark user that told me how to enable CrossFire support with FurMark. CrossFire is great but does not work if the 3D application has not a profil in Catalyst graphics drivers. Many video games have a profile in Catalyst. So the solution is to find a profile that matches FurMark. Enemy Territory:Quake Wars is an OpenGL application and its profile can be used with FurMark. So to enable Crossfire, just rename FurMark in etqw.exe. This trick is also confirmed on techPowerUp forums.

You have to rename FurMark to bypass Catalyst GPU protection and you have to rename FurMark if you want to exploit Crossfire. I think I will released in the next version of FurMark a Catalyst-ready FurMark called… etqw.exe!

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