NVIDIA Graphics Plus Power Pack #2: New PhysX Demos

NVIDIA PhysX PowerPack 2

NVIDIA has updated its PowerPack with new PhysX demos and applications: Warmonger, Crazy Machines 2, Dark Basic Fluids Demo, Dark Basic PhysX Soft Body Demo, TMPGENC XPRESS Trial and Badaboom Media Converter 1.0.


Update (2008-12-04):
That sucks, the demo PhysXSoftBodies_by_KennethBugeja.exe starts with a nice error:

PhysX Demo Error

Seems at NV, there is not enough time to check the demos…

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  1. KB

    This happens if you try to launch the application from the download manager. Running the application from the folder you saved it to will get rid of the error message.

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