Elsa Quadro NVS 450 with Four DisplayPort Connectors for Trading Floors

Elsa Quadro NVS 450

NVIDIA Quadro NVS based graphics cards are widely used in financial fields and trading floors because Quadro NVS offers many display connectors. The new model, the Quadro NVS 450, keeps this tradition intact and offers 4 displayPort connectors in order to plug up to 4 monitors:

Quadro NVS 4 Monitors

DisplayPort is the successor of the DVI port.

Elsa Quadro NVS features:
– GPU: 2 x Quadro NVS450 @ 480MHz
– Shader processors: 16
– Memory: 512Mb GDDR3 64-bit @ 1400MHz effective
– Direct3D 10 and OpenGL 2.1
– CUDA enabled

From these specs, I think Quadro NVS450 GPU is based on NVIDIA’s G94/G96 GPU, the one welded on the GeForce 9400/9300 series…

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