ASUS Radeon HD 4830 Graphics Card Review

ASUS Radeon HD 4830

The Radeon HD 4830 is based on a limited version of the RV770 GPU (less shaders processors) and aims to fill the gap between Radeon HD 4670 and Radeon HD 4850. With a price around 110$US, this graphics card from ASUS comes with its own 2-slots cooler that offers a better cooling.

ASUS Radeon HD 4830 specifications:
– GPU: RV770LE @ 575MHz / 55nm and 956 million transistors
– Shader processors: 640
– Texture units: 32
– ROPs: 16
– Memory: 512Mb GDDR3 256-bit @ 2000MHz effective (oc)
– PCI-power supply connector(s): 1 x 6-pin

ASUS Radeon HD 4830 - 3DMark06

ASUS Radeon HD 4830 - Call od Duty 4
Call of Duty 4

ASUS own cooling system seems to do a rather good job, keeping max temperature around 70°C under FurMark:

ASUS Radeon HD 4830 - GPU temperature
GPU temperature – FurMark

This Radeon HD 4830 is a nice product, providing enough power for all situations and for a reasonable price. And if you need mopre power, just crossfire two Radeon HD 4830.

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