Scam Emails From Asian or Chinese Registrars


I just received the following email:

We are Beijing Ferdcing Technology Co., Ltd, a domain name register organization in Asia. Which mainly deal with international company’s domain names and keywords in Asia.We have something important need to confirm with your company.
On the Nov 25, 2008, we have received a formal application from a company who is applying to register “geeks3d” as their domain names and Internet keyword in Chinese area.
Since after our investigation we found that this word has been in using by your company, and this may include your company name or trade mark, so we inform you in no time. If you consider these domain names or internet keywords are important to you and it is necessary to protect them by registering them first. Please contact us within 7 workdays. If out of the deadline, we will approve their application unconditionally.

Kind Regards


Tel: +86-10- 86691562
Fax: +86-10- 61754370
Beijing FerdcingTechnology Co., Ltd.

Dear readers, if you have a website, pay attention to this kind of email. It’s a scam. So do not reply and forget about it. Trash it!

There are other examples around the web like here.

I hope this warning post will help you in the future 😉