S3 Graphics Releases the Chrome 530 GT Graphics Card

S3 Graphics Chrome 530 GT

S3 Graphics has just released the Chrome 530 GT, the new generation of graphics cards based on Chrome 500 GPU. This graphics card supports Direct3D 10.1 (and Shader Model 4.1) and OpenGL 2.1 / 3.0.

S3 Graphics Chrome 530 GT logo


For french readers only: La Carte Graphique Chrome 530 GT de S3 Graphics Disponible @ Geeks3D VF

8 thoughts on “S3 Graphics Releases the Chrome 530 GT Graphics Card”

  1. saew

    I think S3 should try to release a decent card for gaming instead of making tons and tons of cheap and slow cards like this one. you cannot play Crysis with that.

    64 bits memory interface… too small.
    DDR2 memory… too slow.
    D3D10.1 and OGL2/3 … very good

    They should increase the core frequency to 850Mhz, use GDDR3 or 5 memory and a 256-bits memory interface… while keeping a competitive price.

    On the other hand they should improve their drivers… and allow non-US customers to buy their products from the s3gstore… or to find some partners like XFX, Asus, Palit, HIS, Club3D, Sapphire, etc…

  2. JeGX Post Author

    I think you’re right saew. I hope to get a Chrome 500 shortly to test it and examine the quality of OpenGL support. But in the same time, a slow graphics card with latest 3D features is useful for graphics developers. I like to see how my code runs on slow GPUs 😉

  3. Knyte

    This is the perfect type of card for a HTPC. Not hardcore gaming.

    It supports HD & BluRay Decoding, and has built in HD audio that runs through the HDMI port. Also, it is a half-height card, which means it will fit in almost any case on the market. Perfect for those fancy little touchscreen HTPC cases.

    All that for $44.99?

    Sounds like a winner to me.

  4. Andy Gongea

    I wonder if this one is better than my BFG 7600GT. I afree with Knyte – 45$ is an awsome price. It looks like a good gift for the winter holydays.

  5. JeGX Post Author

    I don’t know the perf compared to the 7600GT but Chrome 530 GT has modern hardware features such as geometry instancing that a GeForce 7 doesn’t have.

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  8. Luis Villalon

    My question is: Is this card good for video editing, titling, photography? Why does every review of computers and or cards like this have to deal with gaming? I use my computer for intelligent things not dumb games.

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