Quick Test of ForceWare 180.42 Graphics Drivers

GPU Caps Viewer + ForceWare 180.48

I’ve quickly tested the new ForceWare 180.48 this morming with some OpenGL applications:

GPU Caps Viewer 1.6.2

GPU Caps Viewer + ForceWare 180.48

All tech-demos are ok and the number of OpenGL extensions is the same than for ForceWare 180.42.

FurMark 1.5.0. This new version will be available today or tomorrow.

FurMark + ForceWare 180.48

PhysX FluidMark 1.0.0

PhysX FluidMark + ForceWare 180.48

GPU-Z (not OpenGL but a standard test!)

GPU-Z + ForceWare 180.48

For french readers only: Test Rapide des ForceWare 180.48 WHQL en OpenGL @ Geeks3D VF

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2 thoughts on “Quick Test of ForceWare 180.42 Graphics Drivers”

  1. Stefan

    FYI: one extension is missing with my 8800GTX, namely
    (i double-checked with GLview and GPUCapsviewer)

  2. JeGX

    Thanks for that feedback Stefan. I wonder why NVIDIA does such a choice? For me, GPUs from G80 to GT200 are equivalent (from an OpenGL point of view…) so why some extensions are available on GT200 and not on G80???

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