Radeon HD 4830 in Crossfire: An Interesting Solution!

Radeon HD 4830 Crossfire

In many situations, two graphics cards Radeon HD 4830 in Crossfire are quicker than an unique Radeon HD 4870. The price of one Radeon HD 4830 is around 150$ and the price of one Radeon HD 4870 is around 300$. So if you already have a Radeon HD 4830, buying a new one
makes it possible to set up a decent gaming system.

Radeon HD 4830 Crossfire - Call od Duty 4 Test
Call od Duty 4 – Direct3D Test

Radeon HD 4830 Crossfire - Quake Wars
Quake Wars – OpenGL Test


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  2. Diablo

    These cards have a lot of bang for the buck. I have a HIS version in XF cost me about 200$ can’t beat that.

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