Intel Core i7 Reviews Round-up

Intel Core i7

Intel Core i7 CPU

Now that Core i7 reviews have hit the streets, it’s time for Geeks3D to offer a quick overview of this new technology.

Intel’s new processor, called Core i7, is based on Nehalem architecture and has four physical processor cores and a triple-channel DDR3 memory controller.

Core i7 main specifications:

  • 3 models:
    • Core i7 Extrem 965: 3.2GHz / DDR3 1333
    • Core i7 940: 2.93GHz / DDR3 1066
    • Core i7 920: 2.67GHz / DDR3 1066
  • 4 hyperthreaded physical cores (8 logical cores)
  • integrated momory controller DDR3
  • 64kb L1 cache per core
  • 256kb L2 cache per core
  • 8Mb L3 cache
  • transistors: 731 million / 45nm
  • socket: LGA1366

Intel X58 CPU-Z

Intel Core i7 die

This new CPU requires a new motherboard based on Intel X58 chipset with the new socket LGA 1366:

Intel X58 diagram

English reviews:

French reviews:

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