Unigine Tropics Demo 1.1

Unigine Tropics Demo

The chaps behind the 3d real time engine Unigine have updated their far-cry-like tech-demo. More information about this new version on the release notes. The demo offers Direct3D 9 / 10 / 10.1 and OpenGL 2.1 rendering modes. A really cool tech demo with a nice background music…

You can grab it here: Tropics Demo DOWNLOAD

6 thoughts on “Unigine Tropics Demo 1.1”

  1. Luis

    Demo does not run on XP 32 with DirectX 9.0c at all and totally stutters using OpenGL engine (only 4 fps!!) with my Radeon 4850 (Catalyst 8.10). Just crap or still ATI driver issues???

  2. JeGX Post Author

    I’ve just tested the DX9 version and it works fine on my WinXP32 + GeForce GTX 280. I think it’s a catalyst issue… I’ll test it on my hd 4850 asap.

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  4. Michael

    Just plain crap. Even good old Far Cry looks heaps better (i’m not mentioning current games) and this demo runs in low FPS even on high-end systems..

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  6. Rick

    I have the evaluation kit for the unigine engine. It’s rubbish. The cost is way too high.

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