NVIDIA Quadro CX for Adobe Creative Suite 4 Hardware Acceleration

NVIDIA Quadro CX Graphics Card

Last week, NVIDIA has introduced the Quadro CX, a graphics card dedicated to accelerate the work with Adobe CS4. Some tasks like H.264 video encoding or image processing take advantage of the GPU (based on the GeForce GTX 260 with 192 parallel processor cores) by using CUDA-enabled plugins. The card includes 1.5Gb of graphics memory. NVIDIA has released a specific graphics driver for the Quadro CX. The Quadro CX is available for around $2,000. At this price you must be a Photoshop/AfterEffect guru!

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3 thoughts on “NVIDIA Quadro CX for Adobe Creative Suite 4 Hardware Acceleration”

  1. Jon S

    On paper the GTX 280 looks better, more processors, higher memory bandwidth
    512 bit and under £400

    GTX 280 CX
    Processor Cores 240 192
    Memory Size Total 1GB 1.5GB
    Memory Interface 512bit 384 bit
    Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 141.7 76.8

    Will a GTX 280 do a better job for less cash?
    or is there something special about the CX that i’m missing?

  2. JeGX Post Author

    I think to enjoy the Quadro CX, you have to install specific graphics drivers and these drivers does not support regular GeForce. But you’re right, from a hardware point of view, the GTX 280 is higher than Quadro CX, no doubt.

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