S3 Graphics S3FotoPro Quick Review

S3FotoPro is a GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) acccelerated utility for image processing. S3FotoPro requires Windows XP SP2/3 or Vista SP1 and a Chrome-based S3 graphics card. Geeks3D has such a graphics card (a S3 Chrome 430 GT) so let’s play a little bit with this software.

You can grab the utility here: S3FotoPro_1.0.0.exe @ S3 Graphics.

If you don’t have a Chrome based video card, you will see this dialog box at S3FotoPro startup:


OK that was just for fun. Now let’s install the Chrome 430 GT with the latest drivers:

S3 Graphics Chrome 430 GT

Now you should have this dialog box at S3FotoPro startup:


and you can choose to use either the GPU or the CPU:


S3FotoPro allows to apply an image filter on all images in a specified folder. That’s all… I copied three 2048×2048 images on a folder, selected that folder in S3FotoPro, pushed image quality to 100% and launched the processing. The CPU is an AMD X2 3800+ (default clocks). Here are the results:

  • CPU mode: 13 seconds to process the 3 files.


  • GPU mode: 5 seconds to process the 3 files.


For sure, Chrome GPU brings an important acceleration. But we don’t know exactly what processing has been done on the images (S3 says that the software uses a proprietary and complex smart-image algorithm to analyze and automatically adjust macro and micro details within a picture to enhance the picture quality) and the most important, does S3 plan to release a complete image processing software or plugins for Photoshop? Will the SDK (that allows to code gpgpu applications based on S3 Chrome GPU) be one day available to graphics developers?

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