NVIDIA GF9300 mGPU Diagram

NVIDIA has launched its new integrated chipset for low budget mainboards: the GF9300 mGPU. The GF 9300 mGPU is a all-in-one chipset that supports all Intel CPUs (Quad, Dual and Single core processors), integrates a GeForce 9300 for the graphics part, and also supports SATA, audio and ethernet.

GF9300 mGPU reviews:

The GeForce 9300 is a weak GPU so if you need some 3D power, you must add a dedicated graphics card. Power consumption is managed by the Hybrid technology: only activate the powerful graphics hardware when needed and switch back to the integrated and low power consumption GPU the rest of time.

NVIDIA GF9300 mGPU Mainboard

3 thoughts on “NVIDIA GF9300 mGPU”

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  2. Engineer

    I would NOT trust nVidia again after all the defective GPUs they sold and all the Vista driver problems they had. Their latest move is to rename some old cards with a new name (nice try but you don’t fool us!). I can only imagine about the quality of engineers they employ and how low they can still go to get an extra buck.

  3. JD

    I just got one of these mGPU boards and am running with 4 gig DDR 3 ram and a core 2 not sure which one and tv turner cards and running it through the onboard HDMI freaking aswsome mb for a slim line media centre PC plus low power consumption thumbs up from me for use in a media centre PC.

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