ShaderMap 1.1 – 3D Map Conversion Tool

ShaderMap is a small tool to convert photographic textures to height, ambient occlusion, normal, dudv, and specular maps. The free version is in command line and makes it a powerful tool to convert large amount of maps!

Okay guys, no more to tell, I’ve tried and it works well. The following images show the color map that has been used to produce the normal and ambient occlusion maps. I think this tool can be useful for your real time demos you code with GeeXLab.

One thought on “ShaderMap 1.1 – 3D Map Conversion Tool”

  1. James

    Anyone checking this out might be interested in CrazyBump, which pretty much does the same thing. I don’t have it installed right now, so I can’t compare the two, but you might want to check it out.

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