ATI Catalyst 8.9 Graphics Drivers

The September 2008 version of Catalyst graphics drivers is out. Catalyst 8.9 introduces the following new features:

  • Catalyst Control Center: New Display mode support
  • OverDrive™ support for QUAD CrossFireX configurations
  • OpenGL 3.0 extension support

OpenGL 3 support? From the release note, the following extensions have been added:

  • ARB_half_float_pixel
  • ARB_draw_instanced
  • ARB_instanced_arrays
  • EXT_texture_compression_3dc
  • EXT_texture_compression_rgtc
  • EXT_texture_compression_latc
  • EXT_texture_shared_exponent
  • EXT_depth_buffer_float
  • EXT_gpu_shader4
  • ARB_map_buffer_range

OpenGL 3 means the possibility to create an OpenGL 3.0 rendering context (see here). But it seems a function to create such a rendering context is not included yet. I will look at this in detail when I’ll publish Catalyst 8.9 OpenGL extensions very soon.

Download links: