OpenGL 3 And DirectX 11: API War will Not Take Place

Here is an article in french that talks about OpenGL 3.0 and DirectX 11. If you are a french reader, just read it, there are many details about both new APIs.

About OpenGL, we learn that 3D Labs introduced OpenGL 2.0 Pure that gathers the functionalities (like GLSL) for the development of modern OpenGL applications without all old OpenGL 1.x functions. But this idea will not be valided by ARB and only the GLSL is accepted.

We all know that OpenGL 3.0 was not the big release as many OpenGL fans expected and here is an explanation by Barthold Lichtenbelt from NVIDIA. One of the main reasons to this failure is that some CAD editors were not agree with the new API and the lack of compatibility with some old OpenGL functions.

The article explains also the new multitreaded rendering capabilities of Direct3D 11 and the new tesselation unit. The tesselation unit is a fixed unit and the OpenGL developper can not contro how the tesselation is performed. In theory, the tesselation allows to forget normal maps and handles directly on the GPU the level of detail of the meshes.

The conclusion of the article is that OpenGL 3 is rather a deception and Direct3D 11, even if this new version is not a revolution, seems to be the next big 3D API.

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