Patch Tesselation Demo: How to Render Million-Triangles Meshes

QAS (Quadratic Approximation Subdivision) Direct3D Demo

Patch Tesselation is a technique to increase in real time the number of triangles of a mesh. The principle is to use a coarse mesh at the CPU level and to add detail on-the-fly at the GPU level. The detail is added using a tesselation patch called refinement pattern and for each triangle of the coarse mesh the refinement pattern is rendered. Refinement pattern has the same shape than a single triangle of the coarse mesh but has a variable number of triangles according to the appropriate level-of-detail.

OpenGL Instanced Tesselation Demo

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3 thoughts on “Patch Tesselation Demo: How to Render Million-Triangles Meshes”

  1. cjren

    Hello, the Opengl one is great, and i try the version in Nvidia’s SDK, but where the GUI come from? It’s attracting.

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  3. Ayanami0

    Hi, I am glad that I stumbbled upon this great site. I am wondering if this could be implemented in D3D 9 hardware. And is rendering using RF in place of the course cage simple enough to be done in shader IDEs like renderMonkey?


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