Elemental Engine II

Elemental Engine II is a full open source game engine capable of editing and creating 3D video game worlds in real time. Elemental Engine II covers all video game development features, such as 3D rendering, 3D audio, and graphical user interface (GUI) design.
# DirectX 9 Renderer for PC and XBOX360
# Full Physics System (Ageia PhysX)
# Full Multiplayer Networking System (RakNet)
# Robust Particle System
# Multithreaded Enhanced System
# Full 3d Audio System
# Hierarchy State Machines
# LUA Scripting
# Terrain Deforming and Texture Painting
# 3DS Max Model Exporter
# XML Data-Driven Design

Read more here: Elemental Engine II Homepage and here: Elemental Engine II @ DevMaster.net.

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