[Geeks3D-HowTo] Radeon GPU Temperature under Linux

Yes, it’s possible to read the GPU temperature under Linux (Ubuntu) with a simple command line. First start a shell box and then enter:

aticonfig --od-gettemperature

This command should display that:

Default Adapter - ATI Radeon 4870 X2
                  Sensor 0: Temperature - 72.00 C


7 thoughts on “[Geeks3D-HowTo] Radeon GPU Temperature under Linux”

  1. mangoo

    I wonder if there is an equivalent for those running on open source drivers (radeon or radeonhd)?

  2. Londo

    Does not work unless you are at the console and running X11. Cannot be used via SSH.

  3. Chris Frederick

    To use via SSH:

    First, ‘xhost +local:’ from an xterm. That allows any local program to connect to the X server.

    Then on ssh: export DISPLAY=:0 ; aticonfig –od-gettemperature

  4. Hunter

    I made a small script to check constantly my GPU temp while i do some GPU-based calculations /it’s a hobby of mine/.
    Here is it :
    while [ 1 ]
    aticonfig –od-gettemperature;
    sleep 5;

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