Zotac Nitro Overclocking Device

Zotac’s Nitro overclocking device is an external device that allows users to overclock the graphics card in real time without leaving the game or 3D application. The overclocking is done by simply pressing one of three keys located at the front of the device. The device will be able to overclock the GPU, memory and even the shader clock. Nitro device is connected to the PC via USB connection and allows overclocking of Zotac GeForce 7, 8, 9, and GTX 200 series cards.


Update (2008-09-15)

One thought on “Zotac Nitro Overclocking Device”

  1. david

    it´s fine that we have finally got a overclockoing device for the ones less experienced computer users.. but.. would be a good idear of it worked probably..

    for me it worked for 1 day.. now i can´t enter any of the option menus or change anything.. it simply just readjust it self to zero again in a sec.. so.. does it do that to protect the computer?? no i don+´t thing so. i got a state of the art computer. able to handle up to 80+ celcius engine of 864hertz and coarsair ram 2gb of it and a g-force 260gtx graphik card.. should be albe to handle the ovoerclocking..

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