Gainward Expertool v.4.0 for ATI

Gainward Expertool ATI v4.0 enables Radeon HD 4850 / HD 4870 fan and clocks control without CCC or BIOS modification. I just tested it and it works fine also with other Radeon like the Radeon HD 3870.


One thought on “Gainward Expertool v.4.0 for ATI”

  1. Christopher

    I have tried xpertool 4.0 and am crashing in several games…it seems to be corrupting the 8.8 ati drivers. I have a DIAMOND 4870X2. I’m getting graphics corruption on screen then a total lockup or reboot? The games are COD4/ARMED ASSAULT/FRONT LINES FUEL OF WAR…ECT.I have re-installed drivers several times…no xpertool..ok with xpertool corruption and crash. As of today with xpertool removed i crashed in COD4….looks like xpertool has embedded itself somewhere because my fan on video is runing at 50% default?
    I’m running 1920×1080 on Samsung 32″ 650 series Lcd……can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

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