New Features of DirectX 11 Explaned

In this article, Microsoft’s Kevin Gee explains in-depth the new features of DirectX 11. Here is a summary of the article:

  • Down-Level Hardware and Operating System Support: With DirectX 11, it is possible for developers to target hardware feature levels 10, 10.1, and 11 by using a single set of functions. The timing for the final release of DirectX 11 aligns with the next version of Windows, but the API will also be made available on Windows Vista.
  • Improved Multithreaded Device: DirectX 11 API has been updated to enable developers to better drive the GPU from a multi-core CPU.
  • New Hardware Stages for Tessellation: DirectX 11 brings three new stages to the rendering pipeline: hull shader, tessellator, and domain shader
  • Improved Texture Compression: DirectX 11 arms developers with new compression formats (BC6 and BC7) to help target high-quality rendering without sacrificing performance.
  • Shader Model 5.0: DirectX 11 brings Shader Model 5, which utilizes object-oriented concepts to help reduce the pain of shader development and brings optional support for double precision.

Read the complete article here: Sponsored Feature: Introducing DirectX 11

Another new feature is the maximum texture size: DirectX 11 raises it from 4k (4096×4096) to 16k (16384×16384).

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