Ecco fatto amici, NVIDIA has released the PhysX PowerPack. What is the PhysX PowerPack? Simply a new ForceWare driver version 177.83 followed by 8 PhysX demos.

The pack is available here: PhysX PowerPack @ NVIDIA – 2781Mb.

Here are two demos from this pack:

NVIDIA PhysX technology Fluid Demo

The primary purpose of the NVIDIA PhysX technology Fluid Demo is to illustrate Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). The demo contains two different scenes, the Outdoor and the Logo Scene.

I must say the log scene part is rather impressive: the fluid simulation is really and if you switch the fluid rendering from textured quads (I think it’s that) to polygonal spheres, you can see fluid equations in action!

The Great Kulu

The Great Kulu is an interactive technology demonstration featuring a captured sea creature brought to life using NVIDIA PhysX soft body simulation technology. The demo allows users to interact with Kulu and watch how its soft flesh interacts with the environment as it chases you around your ship.
The flesh movements and movements of other soft body objects are simulated in real-time using PhysX technology, to create this “soft and squishy” experience.

If you look at the content of the The Great Kulu folder you can notice this demo uses new PhysX binaries: 2.8.2. So we can except that NVIDIA will release very soon a new SDK!

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