NVIDIA PhysX 8.07.18 Driver

NVIDIA has just updated their PhysX driver to version 8.07.18. The new driver supports PhysX on GT200/G92/G96.

You can download it here:

You can check the version of PhysX driver with GPU Caps Viewer:

This new version of PhysX driver allows to select the No Acceleration to disable all PhysX hardware (Ageia or GeForce):

More news about PhysX: PhysX News at Geeks3D

2 thoughts on “NVIDIA PhysX 8.07.18 Driver”

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  2. Duke

    Hi. I’m running this game, “Legend: Hand Of God.” This game required that you have the latest PhysX driver installed. Well, I have the latest version of Physx and 177.79 installed running under Window Vista 64 bit on a 9800 GTX card.

    The problem I’m having is that the game crashed while I’m playing. Screen scrambled up and you can’t make sense
    of the graphic once the game crashed. Usually the game crashed within an hour of game play.

    I thought PhysX supposed to help keep the game from crashing.

    Is PhysX 8.07.18 the official release from Nvidia? When will the official release be out?

    By an chance you wouldn’t have any idea to why I’m having this crashed?

    Perhaps the game is not to be run under 64 bits? Perhaps the game has bug?

    Thank you.

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