NVIDIA Scene Graph (NVSG) Update

NVSG, the NVIDIA Scene Graph, has just been updated with better tracking, occlusion culling, and an updated “VisSim” complete sample application.

The NVIDIA Scene Graph Software Development Kit (NVSG SDK) is an object-oriented programming library for creating scene graph-based applications — the NVSG is built from the ground up for modern computer systems, rather than as a hacked reqorking of 1980’s workstation code. It supports CgFX, OpenFlight, COLLADA / COLLADA FX, PLY, and OBJ file formats, volume rendering, and is packaged with multiple usage samples.

Jump to NVSG’s homepage HERE.

NVSG ChangeLog:

  • Explicitly set specular, emission, and shininess to default on enabling color material
  • Fixed a light and material tracking issue
  • Provide comparision for Path objects
  • Fixed a corruption with occlusion culling enabled and transparent effect passes that enable z-writes
  • Fixed a crash during WGLDetachContext when the framework triggers deletion of not yet released GL resources