LinceoVR realtime realistic rendering

LinceoVR is an innovative OpenGL real-time rendering engine with stereoscopic visualization, which uses state-of-the-art lighting techniques to generate and display – in real time – exceptionally realistic images in computer graphics, thanks the HDRI and OPENEXR lighting, to the dynamic management of shadows using Hard and Soft Percentage Closer Shadows algorithms and a new and innovative approach to global lighting, Natural Lighting, which offers even more realistic shadow rendering.

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  1. July

    New release of LinceoVR, version 3.3 is now available, below the list of main new features:

    *Video texture: insert video in your 3D scene, both in Augmented and Virtual Reality
    *HDRI/OpenGL Button: new simplified management to activate LinceoVR in OpenGL mode when loaded, and to switch from OpenGL to HDRI and the opposite.
    *Realtime shadows in Opengl Mode
    *Realtime raytracing in Augmented reality mode
    *ROVIO Control interface: new exciting compatibility with Rovio, to pilot the WowWee Drone equipped with a WiFi webcam directly from LinceoVR and use it in augmented reality mode.

    More info on

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