XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 Black edition

Guru3D has reviewed the XFX’s GeForce 9800 GX2. Read the complete 14-page review HERE.

I also just have to mention this; for a 9800 GX2 to reach 700 MHz; wow… that’s quite something. XFX make selections of their products, and are testing their product pretty rigorously, only with a very stringent and low-yield approach they select these black editions by first selecting the normal yields, then then the XXX editions … and finally the gems that pass all performance, heat and stability tests combined becoming the Black Editions. This selection is what will make this more expensive.

So then, if a game is SLI supported (and 95% of the games today are), this is the fastest product you can purchase for that gaming experience. With the computational power that the 9800 GX2 brings you’ll reach new performance heights that surpasses the mighty GeForce 8800 Ultra at a steep yet lesser price. Any game to date can be played in the highest resolution with the finest image quality settings.