Interview With Palit Multimedia

Here is an interview with David Makin, Palit Multimedia’s Consumer Marketing Manager. The idea was to get a better idea of Palit, the hitherto little known manufacturer of graphics cards.

They may not be as well-known as ASUS or Gigabyte but they are certainly more than just another manufacturer of reference-design graphics cards. We also wanted to know what they are doing to put their products ahead of their competitors and of course, their plans for the future.

Read the complete interview HERE.

Palit Multimedia’s homepage:

Palit has been building graphics cards since 1988. Palit is well-known in China and somewhat in the EU (European Union) but didn’t start selling cards in the Americas until the end of last year.

Palit makes every attempt to build cards to our own design rather than simply turning out cookie cutter clones of the GPU manufacturer-provided reference design. This makes a really big difference to end users because we do things better than the reference design.

Is the GeForce 9800 GX2 the fastest single card on the planet? Sure. Are there people out there that are interested in that and do we want to support them? Of course. But there are VERY few of these cards being purchased right now (in our opinion) so we prefer to focus on products that people actually want to buy. Part of that reasoning is just business but it goes beyond that too.

Who is S3? Joking! I don’t think they have a viable mainstream part just yet and are still playing in the embedded side of the house. If you’re an ODM or smaller motherboard partner I think it would be easier to work with them instead of the larger guys since neither AMD nor NVIDIA will have time to dedicate engineering resources to support you.