ATI Catalyst 8.5

ATI has released the new Catalyst graphics drivers for Radeon GPU based graphics cards.

[French]ATI vient juste de sortir les nouveaux pilotes graphiques Catalyst pour cartes graphiques à base de GPU Radeon.[/French]

Catalyst 8.5 introduces the following new features:
• Catalyst™ Control Center Component Video
• ATI Graphics Driver Un-install Enhancement
• SECAM TV Out Support
• 1080p HDTV custom mode
• HDMI Audio for non-standard TV modes
• Adaptive AA on OpenGL for Catalyst™ Control Center
• 1080p24 Mode Support
• Windows XP Service Pack 3 support

Download for WinXP 32
Download for WinXP 64
Download for Vista 32
Download for Vista 64
Release Notes
Catalyst 8.5 For Linux @ Phoronix