Oolong Engine

Oolong is a C++ / Objective-C engine. It will help you to create new games and port existing games to the iPhone and the iPod touch.

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  1. sio2interactive

    There is another iPhone game engine SIO2, address: http://sio2interactive.com and here is a list of some features:

    * Optimized File Format
    * Unique Package Approach
    * Secure distribution package
    * OpenGL ES v1.1 Compatible
    * Written in pure C/C++

    Tool Chain
    * Built around Blender (WYSIWYG)
    * Exporter & Optimizer

    Real Time Physic (Bullet)
    * Rigid Body
    * Dynamic Body
    * Collision Detection
    * Soft Body

    * Multi-Texturing
    * Texture Filtering
    * Anisotropic Filtering
    * Transparent
    * Semi-Transparent
    * Textures Binding Callbacks
    * Animated Texture
    * DOT3 Support

    Multimedia & Special Effects
    * 3D Ambient & FX Sound
    * Realtime MP3 Quality Playback
    * Realtime MPEG4 Quality Playback
    * Particle System
    * Fog
    * CPU based Vertex Shader
    * Multi-Material Support

    Scene Management
    * Fast Sorting & Culling System
    * Event & Trigger System
    * Scripting Support
    * Network Support (TCP/IP)
    * Touch Screen & Accelerometer

    Lighting & Shadow
    * Per-Vertex
    * Light Mapping
    * Projected Shadow
    * Projected Geometry

    * Full IPO Curve/Path Support
    * Hybrid Skeletal Animation
    * Action Based Animation System
    * Dynamic Physic Support

  2. developer

    Do not use SIO2. The license system checks the authors database before it allows you to develop with it. What happens if he gets run over by a bus? That’s the end of your year long dev cycle and no refund of the license cost.
    The author also keeps on changing the license terms. My buddy bought a license when version 2.0 first came out. It allowed him to develop on Windows but target MAC for final deployment. Several months later a new Windows license was introduced and he is now expected to also buy Windows license if he wants to continue developing on Windows. SIO2 claim it was a bug that allowed him to develop on Windows initially. Really?
    AVOID SIO2 if you are serious about game development.

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