nHancer 2.4.1

NVIDIA’s modern graphic cards offer a whole range of settings to optimize the display of games and also of professional applications. Some settings can also be used to improve the performance and to resolve rendering errors. nHancer is the tool that empowers both experts and inexperienced users to fully utilize the possibilities of the graphic card.


New Features in Version 2.4.1
* New graphical design for the logos, the splash window and the about window, made by Eberhard Klauke.
* Completely redesigned user interface for the profile management:
o Search for profiles by their name (just enter a part of the game’s or the application’s name while nHancer’s window is active)
o Filter the list of profiles with the new filter menu (the icon on the top right corner of the profile list) using their type or properties. Most useful is the filter that shows only the profiles for actually installed programs
* Support for all GeForce 9×00 cards and all GeForce (formerly Forceware) drivers up to 175.x
* Even the fixed settings in nVidia’s predefined profiles can now be altered, including the “forbidden” flag used in some profiles to disallow anti-aliasing. All profiles can also be reverted to their original state just by clicking on the “delete” button.
* Added additional anti-aliasing modes for GeForce 8×00 and 9×00 cards. The mode “8xSQ” is especially interesting, it gives 2×2 supersampling and 2x multisampling
* Added new SLI modes for triple and quad SLI
* Added support for Hybrid-SLI
* Added anti-aliasing compatibility flags for DirectX 10
* Added OpenGL multi monitor and multi GPU options
* If nHancer is started with full administration privileges, it runs fine even without the nHancer support service. It’s possible to deny the installation of the service altogether during nHancer’s installation procedure.
* A load of minor improvements and corrections. More details can be found in the Readme file