GPU-Z 0.2.1

GPU-Z est un petit utilitaire conçu pour vous donner toutes les informations de votre carte graphique / GPU.

GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.


* Fixed Vista32 / Vista64 detection.
* Added support for S3 graphics cards
* Added screenshot upload feature (press F5 or click the camera icon)
* Added NVIDIA GT200 detection
* Updated RV770 detection
* Vista64 is now listed as “Vista64” in the driver version readout
* On Vista64, CrossFire status will be marked as “Unknown” until fix is found
* Added dump to XML. Use command line parameter -dump gpuz.xml
* More robust NVIDIA clock detection
* Fixed G73 fillrate calculation
* Added die size for RV350
* Fixed R680 clock readings
* Fixed R600 ROM reading code
* Fixed sensors not refreshing properly sometimes
* When unknown architecture detected, NVIDIA logo won’t be shown anymore
* Fixed random UNICODE characters on some architectures in upload progress