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[English]NVIDIA Tegra Round-up[/English][French]NVIDIA Tegra: petite synthèse[/French]

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Un jour après sa sortie sur le Net, Geeks3D vous propose un petit résumé du nouveau produit de NVIDIA, la puce Tegra.

NVIDIA Tegra est system-on-a-chip (SoC) or computer-on-a-chip (CoC). Tegra consiste en un processeur ARM11 (800MHz), un GPU (puce graphique) GeForce (renommée en GeForce ULP – Ultra Low Power) supportant OpenGL ES 2.0, un processeur d’image (support camera digitale), un processeur video HD (PureVideo pour handhelds), de la mémoire (NAND Flash, Mobile DDR), un northbridge (controlleur mémoire, affichage vidéo, HDMI+HDCP), et un southbridge, le tout au sein de la même enveloppe physique.

One day after its official release on the Net, Geeks3D offers you a round-up of the new NVIDIA product, the Tegra chip.

NVIDIA Tegra is a system-on-a-chip (SoC) or computer-on-a-chip (CoC). Tegra consists of an ARM11 CPU core (800MHz), a GeForce GPU (renamed into GeForce ULV) supporting OpenGL ES 2.0, an image processor (digital camera support), a HD video processor (PureVideo for handhelds), memory (NAND Flash, Mobile DDR), a northbridge (memory controller, display output, HDMI+HDCP, security engine) and a southbridge (USB OTG, UART, external memory card SPI SDIO, etc). In short, NVIDIA Tegra includes the whole shebang: CPU, graphics and what you traditionally find on a motherboard are squeezed onto a single silicon die.

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