FurMark, GPU stress test
FurMark 1.14.0
(Test) Particle Rendering: Point Sprites vs Geometry Shaders Sprites
TEST: Point Sprites vs
Geometry Shaders
GPU Caps Viewer
GPU Caps Viewer 1.21.0
GPU Shark
GPU Shark 0.9.0
Particle Billboarding with the Geometry Shader (GLSL)
Particle Billboarding
Geometry Shader (GLSL)
Billboarding in the Vertex Shader (GLSL)
Vertex Shader (GLSL)

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Demoscene: Assembly 2009 Invitation Intro

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Assembly 2009 Invit

Assembly 2009 Invit

There is one true tradition.
Every summer since 1992.
Will you put your mark in HISTORY?

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