GeeXLab 0.22.1 Released for all Platforms

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A new version of GeeXLab is ready for all platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) and Tinker Board (Tinker OS). This version adds to all platforms the features introduced in GeeXLab for Windows:

  • SQLite3 support. GeeXLab offers two methods to work with SQlit3 database: either via the gh_sqlite3 library (see this article) or via the LuaSQL built-in support in Lua.
  • ImGui menus. New functions have been added to manage a main menu or menus in windows. For more information read this article.

GeeXLab 0.22.1 brings the support of the ico-sphere mesh with the new create_icosphere() function of the gh_mesh library:

GeeXLab - Ico Sphere

GeeXLab - Ico Sphere

A demo is available in the code sample pack, in the gl-32/mesh-icosphere/ folder.

Some new functions have been added in GeeXLab 0.22.1 (gh_renderer.draw_primitives(), gh_physx3.create_actor_mesh_v2() and gh_physx3.create_actor_capsule()). For more details, read the changelog.

And nice news for Linux users: the support of LuaJIT has been added. LuaJIT support is currently available on Windows and Linux platforms.

Two platforms have not been updated and I don’t think I will update them in the future (unless you really need them):

  • GeeXLab for Tinker Board with OpenGL desktop support: this support has been stopped because the real OpenGL on the Tinker Board is OpenGL ES 3.1. So only GeeXLab for Tinker Board with OpenGL ES 3.1 is supported.
  • GeeXLab for Raspberry Pi for Jessie with OpenGL ES support. Since the release of Raspbian Stretch, GeeXLab was available in two flavors for RPi + GL ES: one version linked with (Raspbian Jessie) and a second one linked with (Raspbian Stretch and up). Only the Raspbian Stretch version of GeeXLab with OpenGL ES 2.0 is supported. Of course, GeeXLab with OpenGL 2.1 for desktop is still supported.


2 – Downloads

The latest version of GeeXLab as well as code sample packs can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

For bug-reports or feedbacks, a thread on Geeks3D forums is available HERE.


3 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2018.04.12
+ added new built-in mesh: icosphere (gh_mesh.create_icosphere()).
! updated bounding volume management. 
+ added bounding_volume_set_radius(), bounding_volume_set_aabb_min() and 
  bounding_volume_set_aabb_max() to gh_object lib (lua, python).
+ added draw_primitives() to gh_renderer lib (lua, python).
+ added create_actor_mesh_v2() to gh_physx3 lib (lua, python) to handle
  convex meshes.
+ added create_actor_capsule() to gh_physx3 lib (lua, python).
! updated enable_state() / disable_state() of gh_renderer lib with 
+ [LINUX] added LuaJIT support.

Version - 2018.03.29
! recompilation, some PhysX 3 functions were broken.

Version - 2018.03.28
+ added actor_set_kinematic_target_v2() to gh_physx lib (lua, python)

Version - 2018.03.28
! updated all gh_object.get_absolute_xxxxx() functions (position, orientation)
  with the new mode 3 (set_absolute_transform_update_mode).
+ added a new mode (3) to set_absolute_transform_update_mode().

Version - 2018.03.26
! plugin loading: the log file now contains information about plugins that are present.
  Information about missing plugins is no longer in the log file.
! minor internal changes.

Version - 2018.03.25
+ added set_absolute_transform_update_mode() to gh_object (lua, python)

Version - 2018.03.25
+ added new library: gh_sqlite3 (lua, python).
+ added LuaSQL with SQLite3 driver (lua only).
+ added menu_begin_main_bar(), menu_end_main_bar(), menu_begin_bar(), menu_end_bar()
  menu_begin(), menu_end() and menu_item() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).
+ added get_uptime() to gh_utils lib (lua, python)
! updated the ImGuizmo library. All gh_imgui.gizmo_xxxxxx() functions
  are now back (lua, python).

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