GeeXLab released for Windows

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1 – Release Highlights

A new update of GeeXLab is ready for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

Since the latest version, new ImGui functions have been added like color_picker_rgba(), radio_button(), text_wrapped(), columns()/column_next() and group management.

GeeXLab and ImGui new features

IN the scripting management, it’s now possible to set the thread affinity mask (on Windows platform only) for a ZOMBIE script. This kind of script can be launched in a new system thread from another script (this feature is available on all platforms). An example of threaded script can be found in the full code sample pack in
gl-32/texture-loading/demo02.xml and demo03.xml.


2 – Downloads

The latest version of GeeXLab as well as code sample packs can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

For bug-reports or feedbacks, a thread is available HERE.


3 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2017.10.30
+ added is_luajit() in gh_utils lib (lua only).
+ added text_wrapped(), columns(), column_next(),
  group_begin() and group_end() to gh_imgui lib (lua/ python).
* bugfix: in texture unit management of ImGui OpenGL renderer.

Version - 2017.10.28
+ color_picker_rgba(), radio_button(), get_window_pos_size(),
  set_tooltip() and image_button() to gh_imgui lib (lua / python).
+ added is_luajit() gh_utils lib (lua only).
+ added set_vertex_position_color() to gh_polyline lib (lua / python).
! [WINDOWS] improved mouse cursor management...
+ added exe_script_v3() and set_thread_affinity_mask() to gh_utils lib (lua / python).
  set_thread_affinity_mask() works on Windows only.
* bugfix: gh_utils.shared_variable_create_array().

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