GeeXLab released for Windows

A new version of GeeXLab for Windows (32 and 64-bit) is available.

In previous versions of GeeXLab, the code of the internal TCP server has been inadvertently removed from the compilation phase (GLSL Hacker to GeeXLab…). It’s back now but it’s still disabled by default. To enable it, you have to start GeeXLab with the /start_tcpip_server command line parameter:

GeeXLab.exe /start_tcpip_server

The internal TCP server is also missing on Linux, OS X and Raspberry Pi versions of GeeXLab. A soon as GeeXLab will be recompiled for those platforms, you will be able to play with remote live coding (especially handy on the Raspberry Pi!).

The remote updaters (GLSL and Lua/Python) used for remote live coding (network_live_updater_glsl.exe and network_live_updater_lua_python.exe) didn’t pass the virustotal test (detection ratio: 21/52). I recompiled both executables (32-bit) with latest VS2015 Update 1 and now only two scanners (2 / 54) detect something. I think it’s a false positive because all popular scanners detect nothing. For GeeXLab.exe, there is 0/54 for the 64-bit version of GeeXLab and 2/49 for the 32-bit version. Looks like the 32-bit exe code is not appreciated by some scanners…

You can download GeexLab from THIS PAGE.

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