GLSL Hacker

GLSL Hacker Changelog

Version - 2015.05.08
! recoded from scratch vertex buffer related routines in order 
  to unify rendering of meshes, particles and lines.
! recoded the built-in OBJ loader. Works better and faster.
* fixed a bug in keyboard management on Linux.

Version - 2015.04.29
+ added get_vertex_size() in gh_utils (lua/python).
+ added reset_vertex_attribs_name_and_loc() and 
  set_vertex_attrib_name_and_loc() to gh_gpu_program (lua).
! gh_mesh.set_user_vertex_attrib() and gh_mesh.get_user_vertex_attrib()
  replaced by gh_mesh.set_vertex_attrib_element() and 
- removed gh_mesh.copy_std_attrib_to_user_attrib() and 
* fixed a bug related to gh_mesh.set_vertex_alloc_params(). 
  The vertex alloc params was not re-initialized at scene init. 
* fixed a bug related to vertex attribute location when
  the same mesh is rendered with different GPU programs.
+ added assign_user_attrib_vertex_shader_index() to gh_mesh (lua).
+ added actor_set_kinematic_target_transform() to gh_physx3 lib (lua).
+ added get_shader_info_log() and get_info_log() to gh_gpu_program lib 
  (python / lua).
! updated FFmpeg plugin with latest SDK v2.6.2
! updated FreeImage plugin with latest SDK v3.17.0

Version - 2015.04.24
+ added joint_set_motor_params() to gh_physx3 lib (python / lua).

Version - 2015.04.21
+ added /rpi_disable_inputs command line option to the
  Raspberry Pi version to fully disable input management
  (keyboard and mouse).
! improved a bit global stability.
* fixed a bug in the GPU program live coding module on Windows platform.
* fixed gh_physx3.joint_distance_set_spring(). Now spring effect of
  distance joints works.
+ added gh_av lib to Python plugin.
+ added reset_streams() to gh_av.

Version - 2015.04.11
+ added run_simulation_step() and fetch_results() to gh_physx lib

Version - 2015.04.03
+ added new audio/video lib based on FFmpeg: gh_av (Lua only for 
  the moment).
+ added mouse capture support in the Windows version.

Version - 2015.03.27
+ added set_vertex_offsets() to gh_polyline lib (lua/python).
* fixed a bug in the Python version of gh_polyline.set_line_offsets().
* fixed the FFmpeg plugin for Raspberry Pi.

Version - 2015.03.23
* fixed a minor bug in the Windows version related to script edition 
  during live-coding.
+ added update_alpha_channel_smooth() and update_alpha_channel_binary() 
  to gh_texture lib.

Version - 2015.03.18
+ added target_platform to gpu_program XML node.
+ updated Raspberry Pi support (OpenGL ES 2.0).

Version - 2015.02.25
+ added command line param (/gl_core_profile=1|0) to force the OpenGL core 
  profile for GL3.2+ contexts.
! updated: the menur bar in the FREE version can be hidden.

Version - 2015.02.24
* fixed a bug the in progress bar management (due to recent changes, 
  the progress bar render thread could not be started and 
  gh_utils.set_progress_bar_caption() was effectless...).

Version - 2015.02.23
* fixed bug in the GPU program management that prevented to render 
  meshes when only custom vertex attribs were allocated.
+ added create_v2(), copy_vertex_data() and copy_face_data() 
  to gh_mesh (lua/python).

Version - 2015.02.21
! updated gh_render_target.resolve_multisampling_v2() parameters.
! updated enable_state() and disable_state() of gh_renderer lib with 
  new states.
+ added msaa() to gh_renderer (lua/python).
+ added msaa attribut in the scene XML node to enable multi sampling 
  anti aliasing per window (in prev versions, the msaa was enabled with 
  the command line).
+ added enable_gpu_bugfixes() to gh_renderer (Lua only for testing
* bugfix: in some conditions, the gh_camera.bind() function updated 
  (again...) the fixed pipeline when OpenGL core profile 
  (OpenGL 3.2+) was used.

Version - 2015.02.20
* fixed a bug in render target resolve multisampling when 
  multiple colors buffers (attachments) are used.
+ added create_rb_v2() and resolve_multisampling_v2() 
  to gh_render_target lib (lua/python).

Version - 2015.02.16
* fixed a bug in the progress bar module when single threaded mode is 
  (separate_render_thread="0" in the window xml node). 
+ added set_vertex_alloc_params() and copy_std_attrib_to_user_attrib() 
  to gh_mesh (lua/python).
- removed alloc_user_vertex_attribs() from gh_mesh.
+ improved the support of threaded scripts (Lua).
* fixed a multithreaded issue that could lead to a crash related to the 
  creation of 3D windows.
+ improved code robustness.
  (DEV NOTE: singletons are now thread safe)
+ added osx_syphon_enabled attribute to XML scene node.

Version - 2015.01.05
+ added TIMER type to XML script node (currently only on Windows). 
! PhysX 3 plugin: added a check of the PhysX version.  
+ added ftgl_font_add_text3d() to gh_utils (Lua / Python).
* fixed bugs in gh_camera (ortho camera) and gh_utils (ftgl and 
  raycast_cast_ray) libs (Python plugin).
* fixed a bug in mouse wheel reading on Windows that disturbed the 
  mouse position.
! write of OpenGL extensions in the log file disadled. To write 
  extensions, use the /glinfo command line option.
! internal TCP/IP server for remote live coding is now disabled by 
  default. To start it you can use the /start_tcpip_server command 
  line option.
* fixed a typo in the GTX 970M entry of the GPU database of the 
  GPU monitoring plugin.
+ added binary scene import (all versions).
+ added binary scene export (PRO version)
+ added support of binary XML texture nodes (PRO version)

Version - 2014.12.26
+ added set of functions to manage camera frustum culling: 
+ added bounding_volume_update() to gh_object.
+ added box_update_size_from_bv() and sphere_update_radius_from_bv() 
  to gh_utils.
+ added create_action_gravity() and action_add_size() to 
  gh_ps (particle system) lib.
+ added gpu_uniform2f(), gpu_uniform3f() and 
  gpu_uniform4f() to gh_gpu_program lib (Lua / Python)
+ added gpu_uniform2i(), gpu_uniform3i() and 
  gpu_uniform4i() to gh_gpu_program lib (Lua / Python)
+ added a warning in the log file if there are more than one root node
  in the main xml file.

Version - 2014.12.04
! full rebuild with all plugins.

Version - 2014.12.03
+ added translate_vertices_position to gh_object lib (Lua/Python).
+ added rotate_vertices() and rotate_vertices_euler_xyz() to 
  gh_object lib (Lua/Python).
+ added write_to_file_v3() gh_texture lib (Lua / Python).
* bug fixed in gh_texture.write_to_file_v2() when pixel format 
  was U8_RGBA.
+ added create_2d_from_rt() to gh_texture (Lua / Python).
+ added sys_exec() to gh_utils ((Lua / Python) + Windows only).
! updated the 3d framework.

Version - 2014.11.18
+ added set_transform_order() to gh_object lib (Lua / Python).

Version - 2014.11.11
+ added create_from_memory() to gh_texture lib (Lua / Python).

Version - 2014.11.06
+ added create_v2() to gh_polyline lib (lua).
+ added get_date_str() to gh_utils lib (lua / Windows only).

Version - 2014.11.03
+ added new plugin based on FreeType-GL to easily render true type 
  fonts (all gh_utils.ftgl_xxxxxxx() functions).
+ added support of omni-lights shadow mapping with cube shadow maps
+ added support of user clipping planes (gh_renderer.enable_state()
  and disable_state()).
+ added get_orientation_euler_angles(), 
  get_absolute_orientation_euler_angles(), get_orientation_vectors(), 
  get_orientation_vector_z(), get_absolute_orientation_vectors()
  get_absolute_orientation_vector_z() to gh_object lib.
! updated camera orientation. Now a camera's children are correctly 
+ added copy_transform() to gh_object lib.
+ added detection of OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Version - 2014.10.17
! improved the FBX plugin (Windows and OS X) for loading 
  Autodesk FBX files.
! updated the PhysX 3 plugin (Windows, Linux and OS X) with 
  latest PhysX SDK v3.3.2.
+ added a new OBJ loader (for testing purposes) and a way to change 
  current OBJ loader with gh_model.set_current_3d_obj_loader(name): 
  "ObjLoaderV1" or "ObjLoaderV2". Default is "ObjLoaderV1".

Version - 2014.10.10
! updated pixel format support for image2D writing 
  (GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store) PF_U8_RGBA (rgba8 in GLSL) and 
  PF_U8_R (r8 in GLSL) added (gh_texture.image_bind()). 

Version - 2014.10.10
! improved shader subroutines support with several uniform subroutines 
  per GPU program.
! improved GPU programs speed (better management of uniform variables).

Version - 2014.10.05
+ added webcam_get_num() to the gh_utils lib (Lua/Python).
! improved the management of multiple webcams in the Windows version.

Version - 2014.10.04
* bugfix: crash when ZOMBIE scripts are stored in separate file 
  instead of in the XML.
+ added network_message_pop() to gh_utils.

Version - 2014.09.29
! updated network script updater (v0.2.0, Windows and OSX) with 
  live coding checkbox and execute button.
! fixed some bugs and improved the live coding in the Windows version.
+ added auto-save of scripts and shaders if necessary 
  (read: they have been modified). 
+ added a button in script and shader editors to save the code source 
  in the scripts/ or shaders/ folder of GLSL Hacker 
  (Windows version only).
* script and shaders errors are now correctly redirected to the 
  output window.
+ added an option to disable live coding in script and shader editing 
  windows (Windows version only).
* fixed some potential crashes in gh_utils functions that take 
  strings as parameters (like font_render() or font_render_3d().
! updated the dialog box / output window for the traces 
  (Windows version only).
+ added circle_create(), circle_update_radius(), line_create(), 
  line_set_start_position(), line_set_end_position(), 
  line_set_start_color() and line_set_end_color() to gh_utils lib.
! updated the Lua immediate mode: now the Lua state of the first script 
  is used (not the case so far!). 
* improved the GPU monitoring plugin when running on NVIDIA Optimus 
+ added gh_leap (Leap Motion) library in the Python plugin.
+ updated Python plugin: gh_renderer.get_capability_4i(), 
  gh_renderer.query_xxxx() (GL_ARB_pipeline_statistics_query GL4.5), 

Version - 2014.08.28
+ added a set of functions (gh_renderer.query_xxxx()) for 
  GL_ARB_pipeline_statistics_query (OpenGL 4.5).
* GPU monitoring plugin: added GeForce GTX 745, GT 720, GTX 700M series, 
  GT 700M series, 800M series and GTX 800M series.
* GPU monitoring plugin: updated with latest NVAPI R340.
* bugfix: the menubar is no longer displayed in fullscreen mode 
 (Windows version).
+ added set_orientation_cubemap() to gh_camera lib.

Version - 2014.07.23
+ added new plugin for Leap Motion device + new gh_leap library (Lua).
+ re-enabled log dialog box (Windows version) in Tools > Show log 
  dialog box.
+ Lua print() redirected to log file.
+ added create_disc() to gh_mesh lib.
+ added gh_renderer.blending() and gh_renderer.blending_off() 
  to quickly enable/disable color blending.
+ added new openGL queries to gh_renderer.get_capability_4i() 
  (Lua only).
! improved robustness of the Lua version of gh_utils.trace().

Version - 2014.06.21
* fixed a bug with AntTweakBar plugin under Windows with
  AMD Radeon cards that made the application to crash time
  to time at the end of a scene.
- removed all atomic_counter_xxxx() functions from gh_renderer.
  They are replaced by the low level functions of
  the gh_gpu_buffer lib.
* bugfix: the gh_camera.bind() function no longer update the
  fixed pipeline if OpenGL core profile is used.
+ added OpenGL debug GL_ARB_debug_output support via
  the gl_debug_profile="1" in the XML window node.
+ added memory_barrier() to gh_renderer lib.
+ added vertices_to_gpu_buffer(), vertices_from_gpu_buffer()
  and set_vertex_source() to vertex_pool lib.
- removed all shader_storage_buffer_xxxxx() functions from
  vertex_pool lib.
+ added set_shader_storage_block_binding() to gh_gpu_program lib.
+ added set_automatic_uniform_state() to gh_object lib.
* fixed a threading bug in the waitscreen + progress bar when
  scene contains errors.
+ added gh_gpu_buffer, a new lib for managing GPU buffers in an
  unified way.
+ added get_uniform_block_size(), get_uniform_block_index()
  and set_uniform_block_binding() to gh_gpu_program lib.
- removed all ub_xxx() functions from gh_gpu_program lib.

Version - 2014.06.08
+ added support of transparent windows (alpha value) in OS X version.
+ added drag and drop support in the OS X version.
! OSX version: now GLSL Hacker stores the last position of the window
  and uses it for the next launch (useful with the drag and drop).
+ added FreeImage plugin support in the OS X version.
+ added a set of functions to manage custom dynamic
  libraries: gh_utils.dylib_xxx(). Thanks to these functions, you can
  use GLSL Hacker as a super window manager and code your own 3D
  routines in the dynamic lib in C/C++.

Version - 2014.06.04
! updated the OpenGL context creation under Windows and Linux for when
  the required major version is 2.
+ added create_ex_v3() to gh_render_target lib.
+ added uniform_camera_matrices() and uniform_object_matrix()
  to gh_gpu_program lib.

Version - 2014.05.28
* fixed a bug in gh_mesh.set_vertices_color() in Lua.
+ added set_vertices_color() to gh_mesh in Python.
+ added mouse_get_wheel_delta() to gh_input lib.
+ added new keyboard keys support (shift, ctrl, alt and windows key).
+ added keyboard_codes.lua in GLSL Hacker Lua libs folder.
+ added FreeImage plugin with floating point (96 and 128-bit) support.
+ added set_current_image_codec_name() to gh_texture module.

Version - 2014.05.19
+ added emitter_set_spawn_positions() to gh_ps module.
+ added back_face_culling() and front_face_culling()
  to gh_renderer.
+ added box_create(), box_update_size() and sphere_create()
  to gh_utils.
+ added update_bounding_volume(), get_bounding_box_size(),
  get_bounding_sphere_center(), get_bounding_sphere_radius(),
  get_global_bounding_box_size(), get_global_bounding_sphere_center(),
  get_global_bounding_sphere_radius() to gh_object.

Version - 2014.05.15
+ added OpenGL 4.0 shader subroutines support
+ added get_capability_4i() to gh_renderer.
+ added create_pqtorus() to gh_mesh.
+ added actor_add_force(), actor_add_force_at_position() and
  actor_set_kinematic_target() to gh_physx3 lib (lua/python).
* fixed a bug in AntTweakBar functions when the AntTweakBar plugin
  is not loaded.
+ added set_simulation_scales() to gh_physx3 lib (lua/python).

Version - 2014.05.08
+ the PhysX plugin is now available for the Linux version.
* fixed a minor bug in the cloth module of PhysX3 plugin.

Version - 2014.05.06
* fixed GLSL live coding bug for OpenGL 3+ shaders.
* fixed a bug in gh_physx3.apply_actor_transform(). Only the
  transformation matrix was updated.   Now position and orientation
  of the object are properly updated as well.
- added grid_xxxxxxx() functions to gh_utils to manage reference
  grids (lua/python).
- PhysX 3 plugin updated with latest PhysX SDK v3.3.1

Version - 2014.04.23
- added create_persp_v2() and create_persp_v3() to gh_camera (lua/python).
- added open_url() to gh_utils (lua/python).
- fixed a bug in gh_object.get_absolute_position().
- added get_distance() to gh_object lib to get the distance between
  two objects (lua/python).
- added delay_before_swap_nv() to gh_renderer lib for Windows and
  Linux versions
- updated gh_audio.sound_create() with streaming option.
- minor changes in existing plugins
- added math_length_vec3() to gh_utils (lua/python).

Version - 2014.04.01
- added create_from_file_v3() to gh_texture lib (lua/python) for the
  support of compressed textures.
- added get_gpu_memory_size() to gh_texture lib (lua/python).
- added inject_opacity_map() to gh_texture lib (lua/python).
- added create_plane_v3() to gh_mesh lib (lua/python) to create a mesh
  plane with an initial orientation applied to vertices.
- bugfix: workaround added in gh_render_target.resolve_multisampling() for
  Radeon GPUs under Mac OSX (the depth buffer is no longer processed).

Version - 2014.03.17
- added set_orientation_v2() to gh_object lib to set the orientation
  of an object from two direction vectors.
- added FMOD-based audio plugin with new host-api lib: gh_audio (lua/python).

Version - 2014.03.06
- added support of shared variables between scripts in different
  threads or in different languages (Lua - Python).
- updated and improved management of Lua states in multithreaded
  env (ZOMBIE scripts, multiple 3D windows).
- added "resizable" attribute in xml scene node.
- improved scripting error detection. The demo is stopped at the
  first error detected.
- added new functions to gh_model lib to load 3D objects with vertex
  alloc params.
- updated GPU detection code in GPU monitoring for Mac OS X.
- updated GPU monitoring plugin with temperature graph when GPU temperature
  reading is available.
- added mouse_show_cursor() to gh_input lib (works with Windows only).

Version - 2014.02.13
- bugfix: in font bitmap rendering with OpenGL 2
  (built-in vertex attribs vs generic vertex attribs).
  This bug was only visible under OS X with a NVIDIA GPU.

Version - 2014.02.04
- bugfix: in 2D font bitmap rendering with OpenGL 2.

Version - 2014.01.28
- bugfix: crash in gh_renderer.set_scissor() Lua version.

Version - 2014.01.27
- bugfix: Lua live coding fixed.

Version - 2014.01.24
- added multiple render targets suppport.

Version - 2014.01.24
- added OpenGL 4.4 bindless texture support and uniform buffer object
  for passing array of bindless textures to a shader stage.
- added new functions for passing GLSL uniforms (uniform_1ui64v(), uniform_1ui64(),
  uniform_1/2/3/4d...) to gh_gpu_program (Lua).
- added platform information in the benchmark scores file.
- Linux: fixed segmentation fault when the demo initialization fails.
- Linux: the console output (with /console_output command line option) is fixed.
- added support of user vertex attribs: alloc_user_vertex_attribs(),
  set_user_vertex_attrib() and get_user_vertex_attrib() added to gh_mesh lib.
- added new GPU monitor plugin and associated host API function: gh_gpumon (Lua).
  The gh_gml lua/python module is now based on this GPU monitor plugin.
- added quad wireframe rendering option for some built-in meshes
  (plane, sphere, torus, cylinder).
- plugin management improved.
- updated with gxl3d 0.8.x branch.

Version - 2014.01.11
- moved all video player functions based on FFmpeg to a separate plugin

Version - 2013.12.24
- added write_to_file_v2() to gh_texture lib.
- added flip_vertical() to  to gh_texture lib.

Version - 2013.12.18
- added set_instance_color() and set_instance_scale() to gh_mesh.

Version - 2013.12.10
- updated tinyxml2 in gxl library.
- fixed bugs in cross-platform compilation for ffmpeg and
  anttweakbar support.

Version - 2013.12.06
- added uniform1fv(), uniform2fv(), uniform3fv() and uniform4fv()
  to gh_gpu_program (Lua).
- added video support in gh_texture lib (gh_texture.video_xxxxx()
  functions). Video support is based on ffmpeg.

Version - 2013.11.30
- added get_version() to gh_utils lib.
- added anttweakbar support (Windows version only) with a set of
  functions (twbar_xxx) in gh_utils lib.

Version - 2013.11.20
- added webcam support for Windows version with a set of
  functions (webcam_xxx) in gh_utils lib.

Version - 2013.11.15
- added raycast_get_ray() and raycast_cast_ray() to gh_utils lib.

Version - 2013.11.08
- fixed a minor bug related to texture pixmap
  update (gh_texture.set_texel_2d).

Version - 2013.11.06
- Internal changes in source code.

Version - 2013.11.05
- added set_virtual_screen() and update_virtual_screen()
  to gh_renderer lib for OS X version.

Version - 2013.11.04
- added get_virtual_screen() and get_num_virtual_screens()
  to gh_renderer lib for OS X version.
- minor changes in the loading of init0.xml and conf.xml
- Internal update: latest tinyxml2 1.0.12

Version - 2013.10.27
- updated Python plugin with missing functions in gh_object lib:
  scale_vertices_position(), flip_faces(), flip_vertex_normals().
- added set_vertices_color() to gh_object lib (Python / Lua).
- fixed a bug in the FBX loader (vertices color).

Version - 2013.10.31
- fixed a bug in the OS X version when an OpenGL 4.0 context
  was required.

Version - 2013.10.25
- added a libs/ folder into GLSL Hacker root directory with
  Lua and Python high level librairies used by demos.
- added OS X 10.9 Mavericks support.
- updated version number, four numbers are now used:
- added keyboard support for Linux.
- added get_platform_name() to gh_utils lib.
- added set_orientation() and get_orientation() to gh_object lib.
- added set_vertices_color() to gh_mesh lib.
- fixed a bug with bitmap fonts and OpenGL 2 context.
- Windows and OS X version: added keyboard shortcuts for loading a
  scene (Ctrl+O), reloading a scene (Ctrl+R) and for displaying
  the log file (Ctrl+L).
- the position of the main 3d window is stored in the conf.xml
  file and is used for the next launch.
- added get_host_app_dir(), get_scripting_libs_dir() and
  get_command_line() to gh_utils lib.
- improved the error handling (traces, exit at
  first syntax/runtime error).
- fixed bugs in the loading of scripts and gpu programs from
  files (xml). Now the filename attribute of gpu_program and
  scripts xml modes works correctly.
- added a configuration file (conf.xml).
- Windows version: GLSL Hacker plugins are now stored in the
  plugins/ folder.
- updated arguments of gh_utils.font_bm_create() function.
- added get_physx_version() to gh_physx3 lib.
- added set_render_state() and get_render_state() to gh_node lib.
- added tripod_visualizer_object_render() and
  tripod_visualizer_camera_render() to gh_utils lib
  (for GL2 and GL3+).
- removed tripod_visualizer_render() from gh_utils lib.
- added create_cylinder() and create_ellipse() to gh_mesh lib.
- added new command line param: /noload_plugin_physx3
- added new command line param: /noload_plugin_fbx
- updated gh_utils.font_bm_update() with a new parameter: mapped_gpu_memory.
- added Autodesk FBX support (via a plugin) with
  create_from_file_loader_fbx() to gh_model lib.
- added flip_vertex_normals() to gh_object lib.
- added OpenGL 4.2 atomic counters support: atomic_counter_create_buffer(),
  atomic_counter_kill_buffer(), atomic_counter_buffer_bind(),
  atomic_counter_set_value() and atomic_counter_get_value() added
  to gh_renderer lib.
- added particle system lib (gh_ps) to Lua/Python API.
- fixed a bug in gh_utils.tripod_visualizer_render() with OpenGL 2 context.
- added create_terrain() to gh_mesh lib.
- added scale_vertices_position() to gh_object lib (for mesh).
- added set_depth_buffer_writing_state() to gh_renderer.
- added set_vertex_position_w() to gh_mesh lib. Useful with PhysX clothes.
- added set_pitch(), set_yaw() and set_roll() to gh_camera lib.
- added get_position(), get_view_vector() and get_up_vector()
  to gh_camera lib.
- added w param in gh_camera.set_lookat().
- added support of PhysX 3.3 SDK (via a plugin) in Lua and Python:
  gh_physx3 lib.
- bugfix in OBJ object loader.

Version 0.5.0 - 2013.05.09
- fixed bugs in resource freeing (material/textures).
- added tripod_visualizer_render() to gh_utils. This tripod can
  be displayed in GL2 and GL3+ core profile.
- added support of shader storage buffer for compute shaders
  in gh_vertex_pool.
- added new command line param: /noload_plugin_opencl
- added new command line param: /noload_plugin_python27
- added new command line param: /disable_opengl_support_check
- fixed a memory leak in texture destruction.
- added get_platform() to gh_utils lib.
- added uniform2i(), uniform3i() and uniform4i() to gh_gpu_program.
- added uniform4i_array() and uniform4f_array() to gh_gpu_program.
- added Python 2.7.3 plugin for scripting.
- updated lua engine to Lua 5.2.2
- added set_texel_1d(), set_texel_2d() to gh_texture lib.
- added renderer_update() to gh_texture lib.
- added cubemap support with gh_texture.create_cube_from_file() function.
- added gh_texture.create_1d()
- renamed gh_texture.create() in gh_texture.create_2d()
- added get_gpu_memory_usage_kb_amd() to gh_renderer lib.
- Added TERMINATE scripts.
- Buffer object usages can be forced either by scripting or
  by command line.
- Added force_buffer_object_usage() to gh_renderer lib.
- Added timer_reset() and timer_get_milliseconds() to gh_window lib.
- Added update_built_in_uniforms() to gh_object lib.
- Added font_bm_create(), font_bm_get_charset_texture(), font_bm_draw_text_2d(),
  font_bm_draw_reset() and font_bm_render() to gh_utils.
- Added new functions into gh_utils to manage a simple spline: spline_create(),
  spline_add_keyframe(), spline_get_value().
- Added create_rb(), clear_color_buffer() and clear_depth_buffer()
  to gh_render_target.
- Added rasterizer_set_msaa_state() to gh_renderer.
- Added do_linear_tweening() to gh_mesh lib.
- Added alloc_mesh_data(), set_face_indexes() and get_face_indexes()
  to gh_mesh.
- Added set_gpu_program(), get_gpu_program(), add_texture() and
  remove_texture() to gh_material lib.
- Added get_num_materials(), get_material(), add_material(),
  remove_material() and remove_all_materials() to gh_object.
- Added set_materials_texture_unit_offset() to gh_object.
- Added compute_faces_normal() and compute_vertices_normal() to gh_object.
- Added set_sampler_params() to gh_texture lib.
- Added gl_core_profile and sw_renderer attributes to window xml node.
- Added set_vertex_position(), set_vertex_color(), get_vertex_color(),
  set_vertex_normal(), get_vertex_normal(), set_vertex_tangent(),
  get_vertex_tangent(), set_vertex_uv() and get_vertex_uv() to gh_mesh lib.
- Added set_vertex_attrib_name() and get_vertex_attrib_name()
  to gh_gpu_program lib.
- Added update_vertex_attrib_location() to gh_object lib.
- Removed update_vertex_attrib_location() from gh_mesh lib.
- Added create_depth() and create_depth_rect() to gh_render_target lib.
- Added get_num_gpus_amd() and get_gpu_memory_total_available_kb_amd()
  to gh_renderer lib.
- Added get_gpu_memory_total_available_kb_nv(),
  get_gpu_memory_current_available_kb_nv() and get_gpu_memory_usage_kb_nv()
  to gh_renderer lib.
- Added gh_opencl lib. This first version allows to retrieve OpenCL information
  about platforms and devices.
- Added gh_gml lib. gh_gml is the scripting wrapper around GML (GPU Monitoring Lib).
  GML is currently available on Windows only and is limited to NVIDIA GPUs. AMD GPUs
  will be supported shortly.
- Added map_vb(), unmap_vb(), vb_set_vertex_position(), vb_set_vertex_position_ptr(),
  vb_set_vertex_color() and vb_set_vertex_color_ptr() to gh_vertex_pool lib.
- Added create_box() to gh_mesh lib.
- Added set_instance_axis_angle() to gh_mesh lib.
- Added polyline support: gh_polyline lib.
- Added resize() to gh_render_target lib.
- Added use_with_syphon() to gh_render_target lib to use a render
  target with Syphon.
- Added Syphon support to the OSX version.

MAD Hacker
- Added luamidi lib.
- Added use_with_syphon() to gh_render_target lib to use a render
  target with Syphon.
- Added Syphon support to the OSX version.

Version 0.4.0 - 2013.01.18
- First public release.
- Many changes compared to v0.3.2 (for example ID is no longer used
  in Lua and Python scripting).

Version 0.3.2 - 2012.10.18
- Fixed a 32/64-bit bug in GXL3D module.

Version 0.3.1 - 2012.09.24
- Added:  /x_window_name command lien param (for X11-based apps only).
- Fixed a bug in scripting live coding.

Version 0.3.0 - 2012.09.10
- Minor changes in the gxl engine for the Python plugin
- Plugin Python 2.7 32/64-bit added.

Version 0.2.2 - 2012.09.06
- Added: get_vertex_position(), get_vertex_position_ptr(),
  get_vertex_absolute_position() and get_vertex_absolute_position_ptr()
  to gh_mesh lib.
- Added: get_num_vertices(), get_num_vertices_ptr(), get_num_faces() and
  get_num_faces_ptr() to gh_object lib.
- Added: get_absolute_position() and get_absolute_position_ptr() to
  gh_object lib.
- Added: font_render3d() and font_render3d_ptr() to gh_utils lib.
- Added: set_grid_params(), set_grid_params_ptr(), display_grid(),
  display_grid_ptr(), set_display_grid_state() and
  set_display_grid_state_ptr() to gh_object lib.
- Added: set_tripod_size() and set_tripod_size_ptr() to gh_object lib.

Version 0.2.1 - 2012.09.04
- Change: if erros are detected in an INIT script, all scripts are disabled
  and a red screen is displayed.
- Added: command line parameter /boxes_transparency= to set the
  transparency of live coding boxes.
- Change: live coding boxes transparency set to 255 by default (fully opaque).
- Change: description of live coding boxes transparency in managers
  (scripts and gpu programs).
- Bugfix: Lists of GPU programs and scripts in managers are automatically
  refreshed when a new scene is loaded.

Version 0.2.0 - 2012.09.01
- First version of the reference manual.
- Added drag n drop support: script DRAG_N_DROP + functions
  and gh_utils.drop_files_get_file_by_index().

Version 0.1.0 - 2012.08.29
. Very first alpha release, internal use only.

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